C.C.E. CENTRAL DISPATCH AUTHORITY Pamela Woodbury Executive Director 1694 S. U.S. 131 Hwy Petoskey, Michigan 49770 231.347.3911 FAX: 231.348.1087 For immediate release – November 12, 2020 Notice to Public on Participating in Zoom Meetings Conducting public meetings remotely is a new process for most local governments. Due to the coronavirus outbreak and requirements on physical distancing, our CCE BOD and TAC have started using Zoom, a video conferencing platform, to hold its meetings while making them available for the public to join remotely.

Reports have been circulating of some abuse using the video conferencing technology for virtual meetings in ways that would not be tolerated during the inperson meetings. Those attending the CCE BOD and TAC Zoom meetings are reminded that these are public meetings where state law established rules of procedure and civility will still be followed. Anyone participating in the virtual meeting will be expected to follow the board’s rules for public comment during meetings. Since no persons will be physically present, those wishing to address the board will instead need to join the Zoom link provided and identify themselves. The board chairperson has the right to call to order anyone “who is being disorderly by disrupting the meeting by failing to be germane, by speaking longer than the allotted time, by speaking vulgarities or by making a personal attack on a board member or employee regarding conduct that is unrelated to the performance of his or her duties.” The information detailed above complies with the requirements of the Open Meetings Act regarding conduct of public meetings.